Anna Mockler

City Council
Title: City Council District Number 6
Phone: 360-473-5280

Anna Mockler represents Bremerton City Council District 6 which includes Anderson Cove, Lilian A. and James Walker Park, Marine Drive, Madrona Point, and commercial and residential areas along 11th Street.  

Due to a Special Election that was certified on February 18, Anna was elected to serve the remainder of an unexpired term through 2023.   

In 2023, Anna is the Chair for the Public Works Committee and Audit Committee.  She is a member of the Kitsap Transit Board of Commissioners; and is the alternate on the West Sound Partners For Ecosystem Recovery (WSPER) Executive Committee.

These are the issues I campaigned on because they are the issues that my constituents told me they cared most about.

  • Good government, transparent and responsive 
  • Safe streets and strong communities 
  • Affordable housing 
  • Living wage jobs in a sustainable city 
  • Respect for human dignity — the basis of all the above. 

These are big ideas for making our daily lives better. I have workable plans to make them a reality.


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