Recent Annexation Request

The City of Bremerton is required to consider all Urban Growth Areas (UGAs) as potential areas that could be annexed into the City within the planning timeframe, typically 20-years horizon. Kitsap County identifies and establishes the UGAs. Within the UGAs, the City is seeking annexation proposals by Petitions to Annex from property owners, or for properties that have signed annexation agreements with the City. The City will be providing the public more information to consider the impacts of annexation, and will be working on educational outreach tools for the property owners of the UGAs. These tools will provide more information to the UGAs so the property owners can make an informed decision on requesting to annex or not. 

As of March 2020, there is no request or plans for annexation of the Rocky Point UGA, except for 24.5 acres along Corbet Drive which was a request of Petition to Annex from a property owner (map included below). 

 Name Acres & Urban Growth Area Approved Pending Not-Initiated or Denied
Corbet Drive 24.5AC. Rocky Point
Click here for a proposed map
5/22/2017 Ordinance 5320
SKIA North 150AC. PSIC (formerly SKIA) 3/1/2009 Ordinance 5053
SKIA South 73AC. PSIC (formerly SKIA) 4/1/2009 Ordinance 5057
SKIA: Paije, Palmer, Alpine, Esslinger  87AC. PSIC (formerly SKIA)  8/1/2009  Ordinance 5084
SKIA: Sylvan Products Inc.  7AC. PSIC (formerly SKIA)  2/1/2007  Ordinance 5083 
Tracyton  84AC. East Bremerton  2/1/2007  Ordinance 4997 
West Hills  172AC. West Hills     X
Racus  6AC. East Bremerton  1/8/2005 Ordinance 4922