Employee Compliments & Complaints

Employee Compliments

The Bremerton Police Department strives for prompt and professional service. We look forward to hearing from those we serve about the performance and services provided by our employees. If you feel the circumstances warrant it, please submit a compliment about an employee by clicking on this link: Compliment an Employee. You can also drop off a note, or send something by mail (1025 Burwell Street, Bremerton, WA 98337)  

We ask that you provide the location of the event, and if possible, the name, badge number, or description of the employee being complimented. A full account of your compliment will be requested as the basis for the recognition.

Although you may wish to remain anonymous, we would certainly like to know who was thoughtful enough to take the time to contact us. The employee, their supervisor, and the Chief of Police will be informed of your compliment and will be reflected in the employees’ personnel file.

Employee Complaints

The Bremerton Police Department strives to promote a high level of confidence within our community and maintain the professional integrity of the Department. It is our policy to investigate and review all instances of alleged misconduct against our employees. All investigations are conducted in a fair and efficient manner in accordance with Department, City, State, federal regulations, and collective bargaining agreements.

The public has the right to fair, efficient, and impartial law enforcement. Any misconduct by Department personnel must first be detected, thoroughly investigated, and properly adjudicated to assure the maintenance of these qualities.

The Department is often evaluated and judged by the conduct of its individual employees. An informed public must have confidence that its police department honestly and fairly investigates and adjudicates all allegations of misconduct against its employees.

Employees must be protected against false and misinformed allegations of misconduct. This can only be accomplished through a consistently thorough investigative process.

Understanding the Complaint Process:

  • What is a Complaint?
    A complaint is any communication, verbal or written, conveying dissatisfaction with the performance or conduct of the Department or one or more of its members. A complaint could also be allegations of unlawful acts by one or more members of the Department.
  • Who May Complain?
    Any person, regardless of age, sex, or nationality who witnesses or has direct knowledge of police misconduct or unlawful behavior may file a complaint with the Bremerton Police Department.
  • How Do I File A Complaint?
    Complaints may be filed in person, by US mail, or online: Employee Complaint.
    Please be as detailed as possible when submitting a complaint. Anonymous complaints will be accepted; however, our ability to thoroughly investigate the complaint will be limited in those cases without evidence to substantiate the complaint.

The Investigative Process: 

Once your complaint is filed, the investigation will begin. Witnesses will be contacted, and pertinent information will be gathered. The employee in question may be interviewed, the investigation will be reviewed by administrative personnel, and a decision made as to the disposition (defined below). You will receive notification of the investigation’s outcome. If you have questions about the results, there will be a listing of staff that can be contacted at the bottom of the notification. Your cooperation in all these elements is very important to a successful and proper investigation.


Sustained – When the investigation discloses sufficient evidence to establish that the act occurred and that it constituted misconduct.

Not Sustained – When the investigation discloses that there is insufficient evidence to sustain the complaint or fully exonerate the member.

Unfounded – When the investigation discloses that the alleged acts did not occur or did not involve department members. Complaints that are determined to be frivolous will fall within the classification of unfounded.

Exonerated – When the investigation discloses that the alleged act occurred but that the act was justified, lawful and/or proper.