Court Payments

Pay Online

Paying Fines

Generally fines, court costs or penalties are due in full on the date assessed. The court may grant a 30-day extension if you request it. If for any reason you are unable to pay in full within 30 days, you may enter into a monthly payment agreement with Court Payment Management Services (CPMS).

CPMS is a private billing agency contracting with Bremerton Municipal Court to offer longer term payment options.

Please feel free to contact the court office to verify eligibility and for further information.

Online Payments

The Bremerton Municipal Court is pleased to offer an additional payment option for court fines, traffic fines and parking citations, using Paymentus Corporation, a third party automated payment service that accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover and Electronic Checks.

Court, traffic, photo enforcement and parking fines may be paid online.

Payment Requirements

  • Case number
  • Amount of payment
  • Form of payment ready.

Phone Payments

If you would like to pay your fines by phone, please contact phone 360-813-9651.

Payment Requirements

Please have your case number, amount of payment and form of payment ready. A fee will be charged for each payment, a total charge amount will be displayed prior to submitting the payment. Payments will be posted to your account the next business day.

Failure to Pay Fines or Penalties

Failure to pay fines or penalties including parking infractions may result in one or more of the following:

  • Additional charges
  • Hold placed on your vehicle license
  • Loss of driving privileges
  • Referral to a collection agency

Collection Agencies

If your account is referred to a collection agency, substantial additional fees will apply. Legal action to collect this debt may include wage garnishment. You will be required to contact Dynamic Collectors for all further payment on that account. 

You may reach Dynamic Collectors toll free at phone 800-464-3457 or visit the Dynamic Collectors website.