Pet Waste

Pet Waste is Natural, but...
With our roads and efficient drainage systems, dog waste has a fairly easy and direct route to our lakes and streams.

Dogs in Kitsap County produce over 11,000 pounds of waste each day. Each of the 15,000 dogs in our county drops 3/4 pound of waste each day. That's over 5 tons of daily waste!

When left on the ground, the waste and bacteria are easily washed into our streams, lakes and bays where children play and shellfish get their food.

Please Dispose of Dog Waste Properly
Pick up and dispose of dog waste frequently.
  • At home: Double-bag dog waste and toss it out with your garbage. If your house is on a public sewer you can flush dog waste down the toilet. If your house is on a septic, never flush dog waste.
  • In public areas: Use a plastic bag, or pooper-scooper, to clean up after your pet and dispose in the garbage.

More Information
Brought to you by the Kitsap Stormwater Consortium (local state, county, city and military agencies working to improve water quality). For more information, contact Kitsap County's Open Line at 360-337-5777, or 1-800-825-4940. For more information on Water Quality in Bremerton call 360-473-5920. 

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