Zoning Code Amendments

What Is It?

From time to time a change in circumstance or conditions may warrant a change in the development regulations of the City Zoning Code (Bremerton Municipal Code (BMC), Title 20), which are consistent with the Comprehensive Plan. Zoning Code Amendments revise specific standards, procedures, meanings or other provisions of the code.

The City will accept applications for proposed amendments to the Zoning Code that are consistent with the Comprehensive Plan throughout the year (per BMC 20.18). Any individual, organization, business, or other group may propose an amendment; please contact the Department of Community Development for fees and application. In addition, Staff will introduce amendments for needed updates to the Zoning code to address changing needs of the community. 

Zoning code regulations are based on Comprehensive Plan policies, and some zoning code provisions cannot be changed without first amending the Comprehensive Plan. Under state law, Bremerton may update its Comprehensive Plan once per year. As the first step in this process, once a year (August to November 15) the City invites people to submit applications for proposed changes to the Comprehensive Plan that should be considered (per BMC 20.10). The Bremerton Planning Commission and then the City Council will review and confirm the amendments over the course of the year. 

Zoning Code Amendments

Listed below are adopted and proposed amendments to the Bremerton Municipal Code Title 20, also known as the Zoning Code. For complete Planning Commission packets on specific zoning code amendments, please click here to be redirected to Bremerton’s Planning Commission packets and Agendas. 

Proposal   Ordinance & Date Approved  Staff Information 
Boundary Line Adjustment Pending  Kelli Lambert
Lot Size Averaging Pending Kelli Lambert
Manufactured Homes Pending Kelli Lambert
Drive-through Facilities Pending Garrett Jackson
Accessory Dwelling Units Ord 5410
Ord 5416
Allison Satter
Temporary Encampments Ord 5393 Allison Satter
Design Standards Ord 5351 Garrett Jackson

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