Water System Safeguarding

How Does Bremerton Maintain its Pristine Water Source?

Watershed protection is the first and most critical step to ensure a safe water supply. It is much healthier, easier, and environmentally sound to protect water quality to being with that than to treat it to remove contaminants after the fact. It is estimated that every dollar spent on watershed protection saves about $30 in treatment costs. An amazing advantage that Bremerton has is that it owns and manages the 3,000 acres of protected watershed surrounding the Union River Reservoir. This drainage area is separate from and not affected by impacts in other areas. Early city managers had the foresight to protect these lands over 75 years ago and we continue to protect them today through signs, locked gates, patrols by the Bremerton Police Department and Utility staff, surveillance cameras and other methods. Because of this continued vigilance, Bremerton water customers enjoy high quality drinking water and low water rates that are the envy of other communities. 

To learn more, download the Watershed Protection (PDF) fact sheeet. 

The Risk is Small

The threat of contamination of our community's drinking water from terrorist activities is small. Still, Bremerton is working closely with law enforcement officials, public health agencies, and the drinking water industry to be prepared. The City is using information from these resources to further increase the security and surveillance of the Bremerton water system. In the unlikely event of any problem with your water, customers will be notified about what actions to take.

Bremerton is Ready and Prepared

Bremerton ensures the safety of our water supplies in the following ways:
  • Our large system has many redundant features in place.
  • The water supplies are continuously monitored.
  • The supply and distribution system is regularly maintained.
  • All treated water reservoirs are covered.
  • Facilities are fenced and guarded against physical intrusion.
  • Facilities are regularly inspected by the City and Department of Health.
  • A cross connection control program is effectively implemented.
  • Staff are available to respond to circumstances immediately, 24-hours a day.
  • Emergency response plans are in place and are exercised.

Customers Can Help the City Watch Over the Water System, Too

If you see suspicious activity around a water reservoir or other water facility, call immediately! Contact Bremerton Water at 473-5920 or call 911 after hours or in an emergency. Please remind kids that it is trespassing to congregate around water tanks. Unauthorized persons tampering with or trespassing on water system property are subject to prosecution.

Customers Can Prepare for Emergencies

Drinking water emergencies can occur due to natural disasters, break down of treatment processes, and other causes. During an emergency, if the safety of a drinking water supply is questionable, take the appropriate action to protect the health of your family. Prepare emergency water supplies ahead of time (Red Cross recommends at least a 3-day supply) and treat water for making drinks, preparing food, and brushing teeth.
  • Boil water for 3 to 5 minutes, or
  • Use unscented chlorine bleach as an effective emergency treatment method. Use 8 drops of bleach per gallon of water. Mix well and let the mixture stand for at least 30 minutes prior to use
  • Once disinfected, store water only in clean, disinfected containers
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