What do I need to know about lead and water?

Recent news reports have brought lead issues to the attention of water customers. Bremerton‘s water sources are lead free and the system complies with all drinking water regulations. Other important points:
  • Water sources in Bremerton do not contain detectable levels of lead. 
  • The City of Bremerton Water Utility fully complies with federal Lead and Copper Rule regulations.
  • There are no known lead service lines in Bremerton’s water system. 
  • Corrosion control treatment has been in place since 1999 which reduces leaching of lead into the water.
More information is available in the Lead and Water (PDF) fact sheet.

Questions about components installed by area water systems in the early 1900s have prompted special monitoring and investigation beyond the regulations. Occasionally we encounter lead goosenecks – a short piece of pipe that connects the service line to the main. Please see the online lead gooseneck search tool and the fact sheet Lead Goosenecks for more information.