Monument Preservation

Preservation and perpetuation of survey monuments is crucial in being able to maintain the delineation of private and public property including roadway rights of way. The citizens of the City of Bremerton and Washington State have a significant investment in these monuments, from territorial times through statehood and today.

These monuments are often endangered and in many cases destroyed by private and public construction and maintenance. In 1969, the Washington State Legislature passed RCW 58.24.080(8) which initiated a process to preserve these monuments. Defining violations is the first step to insuring that monuments are preserved, and destroyed monuments replaced.

If you are aware of a situation or a monument that may be endanger of being lost, or have found one which could use some maintenance, please take a moment to fill out our online form. An email will be sent to the City Engineering Division's Right-of-Way section and a person will be sent out to evaluate the monument.