Climate Change Resiliency

Climate Assessment

Climate change has already affected and will continue to affect the infrastructure, natural systems, economy, culture, and livelihoods of people who live and work in Bremerton. For that reason, the City of Bremerton, in coordination with Kitsap County and the City of Port Orchard, commissioned a county-wide assessment to determine the impacts of climate change, and the county’s resilience to those impacts. The assessment was developed under contract by Cascadia Consulting, Greene Economics, and Herrera Environmental and completed in June 2020.

It assesses and prioritizes risks to all of Kitsap County’s residents, environment, economy, and infrastructure due to climate change. It provides a basis for future resiliency planning and information for Kitsap County agencies to prioritize specific threats. The analysis narrows the range of possible impacts to a set of probable impacts and provides a high-level assessment and prioritization of specific climate impacts based on probability, timing, and magnitude of impact to public health, safety, economy, infrastructure, water resources, and habitat.

The assessment is based on the most current, existing science as it applies to Kitsap County. It considers the probability of a wide range of impacts as they apply to Kitsap County's unique geography, including:

Climate Impacts

The following is the Kitsap County Assessment. The main part of the document discusses Kitsap County as a whole including Bremerton, however the appendices provide additional data specific to Bremerton and Port Orchard.

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